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Automatic Transmission Fluid II-D
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Specification of Automatic Transmission Fluid II-D

Automatic Transmission Fluid II-D

Eurol ATF II D is an automatic transmission fluid for most passenger cars, forklift trucks and buses of European, American or Japanese origin. It is also suitable for certain power steering systems, torque converters, change-gearboxes, fluid clutches and non complicated hydraulic systems.

Eurol ATF II D has a very high viscosity index and offers resistance to corrosion and foam building. It also has good anti-oxidation and anti-wear properties. Special friction modifiers allow smooth gear shifting, even after prolonged operating time.

Eurol ATF II D has an extremely low pour point for easy shifting at cold starts. Seals are not affected by this ATF. Also at high temperatures, Eurol ATF II D maintains its lubricity without losing the high quality.

Eurol ATF II D is compatible with all types of seals and will prevent from sludge and deposits.

Eurol ATF II D is not suitable for automatic transmissions where a Ford M2C33 F/G specification is recommended.

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